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Control Panel Systems and Explosive Proof Products.

Yonemaru Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


Yonemaru Denki Seisaksho handles a large number of products and parts related to electrical equipment, such as control panels for various systems, explosion-proof products, board development and program development.


A control panel is a box that contains various electrical equipment to control and operate machines and production lines.
Its main function is to control the control equipment so that it can be operated in one place and protect the control equipment from heat, dust and moisture.

Generally, meters, switches and touch panels are connected to the front of the control panel and it is possible to control the movement of machines and production lines.

In addition, the control panel accumulates dust and deteriorates over the years, so regular maintenance is required. In the case of the wiring system, it needs to be replaced approximately every 10 years, and if the fan and cooler are not serviced every 1 to 2 years, the efficiency will drop significantly and make stable operation of the control equipment difficult. 


Explosion-proof electrical equipment (explosion-proof: That eliminates or reduces the danger of explosion) is a type of equipment that has had special technical measures taken so that it does not become a source of ignition of fuels, and is classified as explosion-proof electrical equipment of gas-steam electric and explosion-proof dust-proof electric equipment.

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