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Wako Filter Technology,

"Safety" and "Reliability"

Wako Filter Technology  Co., Ltd.


Wako Filter Technology has supported Japan's filter market throughout its history by providing solid technology and product quality.
Since its foundation, they have infused "safety" and "reliability" into all the products they created.
Until now, and from now on, they  have and will continue to aim to be a company that builds future society by supporting people's lives.
The “dreams” of each of their employees will be turned into technology and quality to forge a new history for WAFTEC.

FILTER Industrial Applications:

WAFTEC's aviation filters of high performance on the high specification have guaranteed safety for the air flights. In oil refinery, petrochemical, power generation and environmental products plant, WAFTEC filters are adopted in the process where the precise performance is required.
In the partnership with a world top manufacturer of petrochemical and aviation filters, PECO Facet, we have ranged to API specification products. Products have been evaluated as world level by the users.

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