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Manufacturer of Oil Filters and Heat Exchangers

Taisei kogyo  Co., Ltd.


Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. , company established on May 20, 1957, manufacturer of oil filters and heat exchangers for industrial machines and related industries.

Oil Filters

Hydraulic filters which eliminate contaminants in the system to stabilize system functions resulting in an extended service life of the components and the system as a whole.

1) Suction strainer

2) Suction line filter

3) In-line filter

4) Duplex filter

5) Return line filter

6) Cartridge filter

7) Breather

8) Off-line filter

9) Indicator

Oil Filters

Heat exchangers which raise system efficiency and protect against oil breakdown by maintaining the proper hydraulic oil and lubrication oil temperatures.

1) Shell & Tube type

2) Air cooled type


Elements which give essential dust control within filters and excellent filtration performance while providing the highest product quality management.

The oil filter plays an extremely important role in cleaning oil for all kinds of machinery to keep them running smoothly. For this reason, high quality control and excellent filtration performance are sought in elements which are vital for dust control.

Since our establishment, many people support our company’s elements because of the high quality control standard exhibited by all of our filtering materials. This standard is built on cultivated know-how acquired through over half a century of experience and achievement.

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