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About Nichiboku Ltd


Company established as YUGUENGAISHA, officially registered under Japanese law (HOMUKYOKU).  

Nichiboku, compound name with the words Nichi = Japan and Boku = Mexico "Mexico-Japan".

Nichiboku Ltd.'s main operating center is in Osaka, a city considered to be the core of the Kansai Area in the Kinki region. An important and strategic logistics and marketing corridor, due to the fact that it has two large access ports such as the Port of Kobe and Osaka, which allows us to offer an effective comprehensive service, strategically facilitating the deliveries of goods or visits to clients. Allowing us to fulfill our commitment for both, the northern and the southern part of the country.

Osaka, the Core of the Kansai Area.

Nichiboku Ltd., a company established and registered as YUGUENGAISHA on April 8, 2003, in accordance with the laws of the Japanese government, with registration number 1201-02-011366 issued by HOMUKYOKU (Legal Affairs Bureau) of Osaka Prefecture at the city of Sakai.

Company dedicated to Foreign Trade activities, has extensive experience in international business such as representation, promotion and sale of Mexican products and services in the Japanese market or vice versa, promoting the products of Japanese companies in foreign markets. We interact with professionalism, sharing knowledge, skills and experiences acquired in Japan.

Sakai Shiyakusho

Member of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Nichiboku Ltd, member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Sakai Osaka, Japan:

 membership number K-0101752 . Official registration as Exporter and Importer.


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Main Services 



 Nichiboku Ltd.

CEO Luis Alberto Fing Quintana

Graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Los Mochis in Chemical Industrial Engineering (Diploma),   also graduated from Kansai University (Osaka, Japan) Master's degree on International Marketing and Trad (Diploma).  


First of all I want to thank you and give you the best welcome to our website.

Nichiboku Ltd, a company founded more than a decade and a half (18 years) ago, which was born from a research work for the master's thesis at Kansai University, in the city of Osaka, Japan.

Since my time as a university student, my mission has always been to be able to contribute to Foreign Trade Projects and to be able to support the Mexican Productive Sector, to promote exports especially for SMEs, to enter into the Japanese Market. Make an environment, which could help strengthen a close and direct business relationship between Mexican and Japanese companies. Interact with Marketing and International Trade activities.

It is worth mentioning that during my university research stage, the Economic Association Agreement (EPA) did not yet exist between Mexico and Japan. Which led to the signature on April 1, 2004, entering into force on the same date in 2005.


Thanks to the great technological advances and the emergence of the IT (Information Technology) in the early 2000s, and today  at the present the boom of social networks, present new business opportunities for companies, that can powerful  interact in a global way. In other words, in our case, we not only generate business between Mexico and Japan, but also a large number of companies from other countries join our client portfolio.

In conclusion, thanks to the advanced Internet tools that exist in the present, it has been helping us in a substantial way to climb steps in business and achieve the Diversification of International Markets (DMI).

With the aim of providing professional support to Mexican production companies, especially those in the agri-food sector, Nichiboku Ltd., develops a program called "CHOSEI-GROUP JAPANESE MARKET".

The purpose of the program is to promote exports to the Japanese Market, designed to provide support especially to Mexican SMEs, sensitize and encourage working in a grouped and coordinated way among them, that is, to create an environment to work as a team and achieve common goals in foreign trade. Basically through this program, we try to implement the Triple Helix scheme, involving Academic Institutions and Government to develop productive projects among Local Companies. Program that is based on the "Associativity to make International Competitiveness".

Regarding our Export activities, we contribute globally in the promotion and export of Japanese products to different international markets.
As a Mexican resident in Japan for more than three decades, proudly a Choixeño from Sinaloa, I am very grateful to my State of Sinaloa, for having awarded me "Sinalonese Ejemplares en el Mundo 2008" (the Sinaloenses Exemplary in the World Award in 2008).
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