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Industrial Technology that Sustains the Sorting and Grading of Premium Fruits and Vegetables

Shibuya Seiki  Co., Ltd.


Holding the largest share in the Japanese market, Shibuya Seiki  commenced to provide customers in worldwide the precision of industrial technology that sustains the sorting and grading of Japanese premium fruits and vegetables. Such technologies include Non-Destructive Internal Quality Measurement, High-Speed Appearance Inspection, and Precision Weight Measurement like "Les Troi Mousquetaires" ,which are controlled by computer system.

Sorting/Grading Systems : 

In order to send out agricultural products to quality-sensitive consumer's Market in Japan as high value-added products and yet minimize being damaged the freshness of agricultural products , a high quality sorting/grading system that enables accurate and fast sorting, packaging and shipment of large quantity harvests is required as the modern post-harvest comprehensive system. As proved by more than 70% share of fruit/vegetable sorters in the Japanese market, we support the favorable evaluation of Japanese premium fruit and vegetables in the global market.


Shibuya Seiki provides insight and know-how for both “hardware” and “software” aspects to overseas producer’s groups, distributors and food processing manufacturers based on our abundant experience in the installation of more than 2,000 units of modern sorters. As an equipment manufacturer with decades of expertise in the Japanese fruit and vegetable market and with profuse knowledge of marketer needs, Shibuya Seiki  also offers advice on marketing access to Japanese fresh and processed food markets.

Shibuya Seiki's  high quality sorting and grading systems adopt the latest electronics, fiber optical sensor technology and NIR-Spectroscopic analyzing method by Chemometric to achieve automation and save labor cost. They  incorporate their customer's requests and comprehensively manage the building of the system from design, draft, production, delivery, installation, adjustment, training of operators and demonstration for witness of customer . For investments in export-purpose equipment, we provide the comprehensive proposals according to the customer's requests such as being in co-operation with quarantine equipment, setting marketable measurement standards etc.

List of Transfer System

  • Tray Conveyor Sorters

  • Free Tray Sorters

  • Bucket Sorters

  • Integrated Sorters

  • Robot Sorter

List of Measurement Systems:

  • External Quality Sensors

  • Weight Sensor

  • Internal Quality Sensors

Internal Quality Sensors

Near-Infrared Beam-Through Inspection Method:

With this system, light is irradiated on each produce to measure sweetness, acidity, internal defects, etc.

Suitable Items

Citrus fruit / Apples / Peaches / Pears / Persimmons / Tomatoes / Watermelons / Cantaloupes / Mangoes and more

Internal Quality Sensor Near-Infrared Ray by invasion method.

This system irradiates light on each produce to measure sweetness, acidity, internal defects, etc. by analyzing the light transmitted through the produce. Provides constant measurement stability with an automatic calibration function. With the improvement of the analysis capacity, 10 components can be simultaneously measured with this model while only 5 components could be measured with former models.

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