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Service Portfolio

Service Overview

Nichiboku Ltd , offers two basic services in international business, which are: Professional and Specialized Support in Marketing and International Trade , for all those companies that have the interest or plan to enter their products and / or services in the Japanese market , or vice versa, for Japanese companies wishing to enter global markets.
We offer an integrated service that ranges from Specific Market Studies , Consulting and Professional Advice on Marketing and International Trade . Support and control of Export and Import Logistics . Our company interacts by joining strength with professional logistics agencies in Mexico and Japan, companies that operate reliably and responsibly.

International Marketing

The main objective of Nichiboku Ltd. , is to maintain constant and direct communication with our clients, to attend to the specific needs of their requirements. We always strive to achieve satisfactory results that lead to establishing and strengthening a long-term relationship. We provide a specialized service in International Marketing .

Japanese customers, even in business, maintain a very ceremonious culture, with deep-rooted customs, with very respectful behavior towards others. They highly value the good manners of the people they deal with, so certain protocols must be followed when starting business with them. Japanese culture is the most formal in the world, businessmen try to be punctual throughout the process, and they expect the other party to act in the same way.

Our company offers a support service to Mexican exporting companies in the food sector, with the aim that they can successfully enter their products and / or services in the Japanese market.

Services Portfolio

1.- Preparation and adaptation of the products, which allow to comply with the import requirements to the Japanese market (Obtaining Certificates as Importable Product [CPI]; Verification of the Nutritional Table).

2.- Selection and design of the appropriate packaging of the product, so that it meets the requirements of the Japanese consumer.

3.- General Consulting and Advice to strategically enter your products and / or services in the Japanese market.

4.- Generation of Business Opportunities (GOC).

5.- Demand Awareness (SD).

6. Point of Sale Studies (EPV).

7.- International Event Management (GEI).

8.- Participation in International Events (PEI).

9.- Business Agendas (AN).

10.- Support in Direct Customer Follow-up (SSDC).

International Marketing Team

International Trade

Our experience in foreign trade allows us to provide our clients with a professional service integrated in consulting, monitoring, logistics and export and import procedures for any product.

Our Specialized Value Offer is aimed at supporting the Export and Internationalization process of Mexican SMEs in its different phases ( Awareness , Initiation , Acceleration and Consolidation ).

We seek to generate greater value for our customers, characterizing our service offer through ERFORMANCE D, performance, reliability, security, customization and high level of communication.

Our knowledge of foreign trade regulations and opportunities in the Japanese market allow us to offer original solutions that allow us to multiply opportunities, improve competitiveness and increase the profitability of our clients' businesses.

Services Portfolio

1.- General advice on the planning and management of imports and exports in relation to Japan.
2.- Support in the requirement of Japanese products, follow-up to the purchase order, preparation of packaging, etc., documentation procedures required in foreign trade matters.
3.- Support in the coordination and monitoring of air, maritime and land services to and from Japan.
4.- Coordination with suppliers for everything related to shipping. (Export and Import Logistics).
5.- Follow-up for procedures for certificates of origin under the guidelines of the Japan FTA (any country), if applicable.
6. Support in the coordination of services for procedures in obtaining transport insurance (maritime and air).
7.- Support in previous procedures, authorization to import food products in Japan. Phytosanitary Inspections (Animal, Vegetable), other import permits etc. (certification as an importable product in the Japanese market [processed products], etc.,).
8.- Support in the preparation and processing of customs destination.
9.- Support in the coordination with local land transport, cargo withdrawals from customs warehouses, and delivery to final destination.

International Trading

Special Services


Market Research

If your company plans to launch a new product on the market either nationally or internationally, or plans to launch a new advertising campaign for an existing product improved and adapted to a specific international market, a market study turns out to be essential . Market research surveys help you make smarter decisions. Study the habits of consumers in that market. It is necessary to carry out trials of new concepts, measure brand awareness or assess the size of the market. Our team helps you throughout this process.
Market Research Surveys show a fast and accessible way to conduct segmented analysis. Find out demographic information about consumers. Then use the results of these surveys to structure a report, which shows us the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the potential potential client. This will allow us to know if it is necessary to develop new products or adapt existing products to the needs and culture of the Japanese consumer.


The only way to win and keep customers, or keep a new business going, is to know exactly what consumers want. Guessing and gutting doesn't work when launching new products. At Nichiboku we always strive to work in a professional and coordinated manner with your company, in order to achieve efficient and satisfactory results.

Example of Market Analysis Report

Brand Awareness Level Measurement

We know that brand awareness is at the top of the marketing funnel.

Does your market know that your product exists? Do they consider it a viable option or do they prefer their competitors? , because?. Get the truth about how you are perceived and what you need to improve. It is precisely that we use the branding and identity customization surveys to diagnose its image and create the tenure of its positioning in the Japanese market.

Japanese Electromechanical Equipment Supplier.

Our team is committed to coordinating exports, especially on the requirements of our clients in equipment and parts of Japanese brands for industrial plants. We have extensive experience in supplying equipment for power generating plants (Thermoelectric, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Petroleum, Refineries, etc., operating in different countries, such as: Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., among others ( see product details )

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