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Main products are AEROPAK Sheathed Thermocouples, Protection Tube Type Thermocouples .....

Okazaki Manufacturing Company.


Okazaki Manufacturing Company is one of the largest mineral insulated cable manufacturers in the world. This high technology is used to constitute Okazaki's main products, including THERMOPARES (Thermocouple AEROPACK), Thermometric Resistance Sensors (RESIOPACK), Micro Heaters (Micro Heater) and closed heaters. All of these products are used in a wide variety of industries around the world for temperature measurement and heating applications.


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Okazaki has successfully developed 0.1mm diameter outer coated insulated mineral thermocouples. These represent an incredible response time (63.2%) of 1 ms, and are suitable for temperature measurements of any small object.


Due to the ultra-small size, the elements (wires) of the thermocouples are very small as well, which require a high and advanced technology to form the heat junction.

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Temperature transmitters, thermocouples, cables, tubes, etc.

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