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Our Mission, Vision & Values

"Doing things right from the first time"



Promote exports activities between Japan and Mexico, taking advantage of the privileges of the Economic Association Agreement (EPA). Contribute to the economic and social development between both countries. Interact through a permanent synergy between companies, academic institutions and government agencies, based on Total Quality Management, following the principles of the Japan's Business Culture.
Not exclude the diversification of global international business, serving companies around the world.
Provide personalized customer service,  consistent  and specialized.

"Give preference to our customers,

generate and keep their trust"



Being a leader in Marketing and International Trade, who always work as a team to provide quality service to companies around the world. Maintain long-term business relationships.

Establishing solid trust with our clients turns out to be our main commitment.

"Today better than yesterday,

tomorrow better than today"



 Establish a relationship on a personal, social and business environment, based on the "Mutual Respect", "Equity", the "Warm and Friendly Treatment". Implement the main rule "Customer First". Given the importance it deserves our operational staff, and widely considered value their contributions. Make commitments and meet targets. Enforce our word. The theoretical and practical experience in Japan directly from experts and professionals in the field, strengthen our technical value.

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