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Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedure.


JASTPRO : Japan Association for the Simplification of International Trade Procedures .

As part of history, this movement emerged in the Nordic countries since 1950.

The bewildering maze of rules and regulations that accompanied the rapid expansion of world trade at that time, caused great concern among the major trading nations, particularly the European ones that had to comply with the rising costs of the rules and regulations governing International Trade.

In itself, the JASTPRO definition results as: The systematic rationalization of procedures and documentation for the International Trade procedure.

That is, they are all those activities, practices and formalities necessary to collect, present, communicate and process the data necessary for the movement of goods in the International Trade sector.

Niciboku Ltd JASTPRO No.

Japan also had the need to adopt the movement of simplification of International Trade procedures . Which at the end of the 60s was recognized for the first time the effort to deal with the large amount of documents that accumulated in the container terminals of ships. With the accelerated increase in freight movements, it soon became clear that there was a great need to standardize business documents.

In December 1974, JASTPRO appears and is organized under the auspices of the Ministries of Finance , International Trade and Industry and Transport of the country , joining with the participation of the main industries and companies related to International Trade in order to function as a the only body that will help International Business Procedures in Japan.

The JASTPRO steering committee is made up of members selected from business sectors and organizations with interests in foreign trade, who conduct discussions on methods for promoting the Simplification of International Marketing Procedures . One of the objectives of the Association includes the plans and questions related to the budget and finances in the activities concerned.

JASTPRO continues to operate in coordination with the Japanese government in the planning and execution of policies for the simplification of procedures in International Trade , presenting the necessary suggestions for their improvement.

Nichiboku Ltd., Is committed to keeping the JASTPRO Code No. P001J2520000 current , which will allow us to help our clients to simplify all processes during logistics, especially in terms of export.


The JASTPRO Code turns out to be a very important factor in terms of minimizing time and costs, since it allows us in a certain way to make the paperwork processes more efficient, aiming to avoid delays and unexpected setbacks during the performance of activities in International Trade ( Export and Import ).

Nichiboku Ltd , since its founding has been an active member of the JASTPRO body. 


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