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Connecting SMEs to Achieve International Competitiveness

About Chosei Group Japanese Market


Chosei Group Japanese Market (CGJM), is a program that was born with the purpose of supporting especially the Small and Medium Mexican companies (SMEs) producers of the Agri-food Sector in the promotion of their Exports to the Japanese Market .

One of the literal meanings of Chosei (調整) is " Adjust ", " Coordinate ".

Our Mission through this program is to integrate and coordinate elements that lead to fulfill the established objective. Which is to ensure that Mexican SMEs that are producers - exporters of the agri-food sector can successfully enter the Japanese market with their products, in addition to being active in their exports.

At Chosei Group Japanese Market , we try to implement the " Triple Helix " model, to develop sustainable projects for Mexican SMEs , involving Academic Institutions and Government Organizations , those related to activities in foreign trade, based on a scheme of " Associativity to make International Competitiveness l ".

Forming “ Export Consortia ” or “ Cluster ”, helps SMEs to achieve International Competitiveness in a more efficient, faster and at a lower cost.

Luis Alberto Fing, founder of the Chosei Group Japanese Market program, is an entrepreneur of Sinaloa origin residing in Japan for more than three decades. He emphasizes the specific need that exists in Mexican SMEs in this sector to strengthen their activities in foreign trade in a globalized framework, taking into account the importance of "Diversification of International Markets" (DIM).

Through this program, we seek to reinforce the growth of Mexican SMEs in the agri-food export production sector, coordinating activities in foreign trade, to help successfully enter the Japanese market. The growth in these companies reflects for Mexico the generation of more and better jobs, having a positive impact on the growth indicators of the National GDP.


Involving Students in Real International Trade Projects

Involving Academic Institutions in Sustainable Projects

Through Chosei Group Japanese Market Program , we try to involve university students with participation in real sustainable International Trade projects .

We implement a platform through which students can generate real projects that also help meet their curricular commitments required by the university, they can be involved in getting a company in the region to export their products to the Japanese market. That is, their reports of their professional practices or thesis, constitute it and complement real projects and not only theoretical.

Previously, we tried to sensitize students , establishing agreements with universities to organize and develop Seminars, based on a Mechanics of Export Projects , especially towards the Japanese Market .

Seminar (UANEG)
Seminar (UAD)
Vertical Seminar (ITESM)
Other Related Activities
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